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Andrei Osyka (Culprit Records)


Culprit has worked with Curved mastering team since our inception 3 years ago and we firmly believe that their superb work is a crucial element in our success. Curved have been consistently great, all of our artists have been uniformly impressed with the clarity and power of their work. Over the years we’ve developed a very comfortable and friendly way of working which has made the entire mastering and vinyl cutting process a pleasure for us. Hopefully our relationship with the Curved lads will continue in the same vein well into the future!


Dexter Dalwood (Cubitt Studio) - Framed Discs

Dexter Dalwood (Cubitt Studio) – Framed Discs

Framed discs produced for Dexter Dalwood from Cubitt Studio.

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Absolute Disco

Absolute Disco

7″ vinyl party invites with holographic disco sleeve

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Dr. Martens

Dr. Martens

Special platinum-styled box sets for Dr. Martens

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