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Thanks for using Curved Pressings for your vinyl needs.

Please fill in this form and press the submit button. This will give us all the details needed to set you up and raise a job card for you.

Once this is done a sales order will be emailed to the address given on this form. This will need to be paid before we can start the job, either by bank transfer, credit card or Paypal.

IMPORTANT: please use the sales order number and/or catalogue number as reference when making a payment or we may be unable to identify the order it is for. Any jobs for which payments have no clear reference will not be started.

Uploading Audio and Artwork

After submitting this form you can send us audio and artwork using our dedicated WeTransfer site. Please upload audio and artwork separately, guidelines for most common artwork templates can be found here. Again you MUST include a clear reference in the upload (such as the catalogue number) so we can identify the order for which the files are intended or else we will not be able to proceed with it.

The catalogue number is down to you. It can be anything you want. If your name is John Doe, it could be JD001 for example.

Please note: the production master is not a file for pre-approving mastered audio before the cutting process. The cut is already done and cannot be changed. If you require a service where you receive digital files of the master before cutting this costs £25 per track and will need to be ordered with Shane or Nick before hand.

Terms and Conditions: Curved retains the right to a 10% tolerance under or over the desired amount. This means an order of 300 units could be from 270 to 330 as a finished amount. All product remains the property of Curved until paid for in full. All parts will be recycled after 3 months unless return is requested. MCPS agreement is the sole responsibility of client. There is a £25 charge for all returned metal parts. Curved will match each donation. Any collection fees or court costs will be charged to the debtor.

Dexter Dalwood (Cubitt Studio) - Framed Discs

Dexter Dalwood (Cubitt Studio) – Framed Discs

Framed discs produced for Dexter Dalwood from Cubitt Studio.

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Absolute Disco

Absolute Disco

7″ vinyl party invites with holographic disco sleeve

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Dr. Martens

Dr. Martens

Special platinum-styled box sets for Dr. Martens

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